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I began seriously learning classical acoustic guitar at 60 but determined by 67 that I prefer improv to regurgitation and began jamming with what I like on Pandora--mostly jazz. I love to harmonize. I am interested in progressive jazz and pieces that don't have a predictable groove. Like Tomatito's flamenco. Sometimes two instruments setup interesting harmonics. About 4 months of trying to learn to use a DAW and put out some guitar works, I happened to listen to what kenzoK did with flute on "It could have been gold". I was hooked and bought a student flute and took 5 lessons (like which hole to blow into) and have been playing by ear to Tidal for about a few years now. To me it's a feast of constant learning and this is my retirement project. Try a different instrument occasionally ... it's good for the little grey cells. --Paul

PS: the latest picture change of me occurred because of 2 reasons:

1) When into the music totally, which is when it flows out naturally, "I" disappears totally as well.

2) We live in an age when the Internet makes impersonation by lifting photos way too easy.