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Ageing and unwell would just about do it. Spent 40 years playing keyboard (or - organs as they were known back then). Then, about 12 years ago I fell off my boat and broke my back!!

That was the end of my live playing and the end of my lovely n recording studio.

I sorta "fell out" with everything in my life - including my music. Last year, I rebuilt my studio - much cut down so it can be operated from my special chair.

Upgraded to Cubase 10 Pro and - I'm back as they say.

I've always worked better with others, bouncing ideas around to see what happens.

Left to my own devices I tend to produce "miserable" (my wife's description) "film score" type music - even though my last group was a Pink Floyd covers band.

I love taking a "germ" of an idea and running with it until we hit the "sweet spot". I'm happiest when given a scratch track, locking myself in my room and coming back with some ideas.

I've owned my own studio since Pontius was taking flying lessons and have been involved in several minor successes. Many moons ago, I was slightly involved with "Will you" by Hazel O'Connor and suggested that we"lose the saxophone track" - I learned a lesson the day!!!😁 - oddly, I wasn't asked again!

I'm 66 years old - but only on the outside!!!...

Death of Innocence

Soft Rock
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Anthem - multi talent idea Come one - come all

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