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Been musician for many years but jumped over some 10 years or so...           Started pickin again for about 5 years ago... Started as sing/songwriter with my guitar playin on pubs and stuff but put my guitarr in a potatosack and simply forgot it ...Naaaa  just didnt have time actually. For about 5 years ago I´ve got the opportunity to play in a band but the only place left was as Mr Bassman...And shit I´m sold .... Bass is a wonderful instrument..   Where in that band untill about a year ago when I quit because I got really tired of doin all these gigs all night and every weekend.....(One of the reasons I put my gear in a sack was I´ve become daddy and still is.) So my gear is ...Fender Jazzbas 5string usa passive,,Ashdown Evo500 bass top,,   EBS classic 4x10 and some noname single 15" if there is´nt enough blow in PA. Usually I dont use that 15"..Also got some Yamaha bass with active pickups but only use my Fender... And Playin over internet suits me like hell....This is so freakin great...  Gotto love it ............  ////Wanna go low.

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