PeterG Peter Stefani

Boca Raton Florida   United States of America
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PeterG is an experienced drummer/sound/recording engineer formally for MCI, and SONY. Seasoned at Sound Shine Studios in FTL with Frank Cornelius, he‘s also worked with artists such as Richie Ray, Dave Shelly, Wesley B. Wright, Geoff Achison, Albert Cummings, Albert Castiglia, Nick Freed, The Deep End, and Deviation Down. With a pocket groove and forceful accents, his drumming adds a dynamic to any situation. Able to improvise and learn fast. Experienced in studio and live stage. Have a full complement of mic's and mixer. No bad habits, healthy, and not overweight. Free to travel with US passport. Various styles include, Pop, Post Grunge-Modern Rock, Progressive Indie Pop, Latin Rock, Funk, Blue Eyed Soul, Punk, Psychedelic 60-s, and New Country. Willing to put the time into making it tight. Your best value, with absolute minimum risk. Endorsements…TAMA Star Classic performer EFX/BB, DW, Mapex, Paiste, & Zildjian.