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As exist as ghost N as non-exist as ghost, i'm tha Private UnderGround Rap/Hip-Hop Ghost-Writer, with skills as sharp as a Ninja Blade,

Why did I said Ninja Blade?

Because I'm like a Ninja N the Pen is my Blade I write Well-Crafted Lyrics n disappear as magic

I have an experience of 3 years of hip-hop lyrics writing, back in the day I didn't know how to write Rap lyrics as professional as those legends did, that was the cause that made me to analyze every great rapper lyrics what still remains to this day N people are still playing their songs...

To drop some names

I did my days and days analyzing on :

The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Tech N9ne, Method Man, Rakim, Drake..Etc there are alot to name...

So I gone through every single detail what they do thats make their single phrase to stay in our ears for years N years ?

How do they come up with such unbeatable and unmatchable lyrics in the crowd of best emcees ?

How do they formulate their lyrics ? What to say N what not to say? Questions never ends

I baked myself for 3 years to get the answers of these endless questions but you don't have to :) you just tell me what you want N how you want N I'll leave the Well-Crafted Solid lyrics that will match up to your voice :)

I can write trendously high-quality lyrics for both male/female artist right from your feelings.

What I do is I actually don't write lyrics you write the lyrics I just hold the pen N land on the page u tell me how u want it and I sink your thoughts on that cold white paper with my ready hot black ink :)

Feel me ?

Glad you Did :) contact me for samples :)

Your Private Friend -Platinum GhostPages