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Sunshine Coast QLD   Australia
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I'm an intuitive, experimental, eclectic, alternative musician straddling mainstream and unconventional - I'm 'out there', but also grounded. No genre feels quite feel like a fit, so I've made up my own (lol) - 'music for the aspiring heart of humanity.' Essentially I use my art to uplift, encourage, inspire and help create a better world so you'll never find me creating (or contributing to) any down and out songs. Woe is not me. :o)

I'm often creating on the fly and usually prefer that. All sans reading music. Songs choose me rather than me choose them. I love creating/singing harmonies - it's a 'thing' for me.

I feel very blessed to touch people's lives with unique instruments, original compositions, improvisations, soulful songs and harmonies. The centrepiece of my assortment of instruments is the PANArt hang ~ an enchanting, ethereal, profoundly gentle instrument that has been described as 'for this world, but not of this world.'

You're welcome to check out my website http://maiakk.com plus listen to more of my music (than what's on this website) at https://maiakk.bandcamp.com/

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