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Dear fellow musicians, my name is Robert and I am a ordinary guy having fun with music :) Music production is my free time hobby, I love it and fillls me inside. I am looking potential collaboration guys having fun in making music with me, thus expecting "cool" (mainly rock/metal) oriented but at the same time very dedicated, thorough and passionate (it helps :-). As I am a drummer, I am looking for other instruments primarily (guitars, bass, vocals!!!!!!!!!!) but not essentially. In general, my everyday fooling around includes composing, arranging mixing, mastering, so I am quite flexible.

Please, feel free to contact me anytime for any discussion. I am open minded to anything. If you have already some ideas, please contact me as well, we can somehow evolve "the stuff" together.


PS: I am currently living in Japan but originally from Slovakia :-)

also please if wanted, check my humble youtube channel with a name: 7 elements and friends


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