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Guitar is my main instrument, keyboards I would say I'm more of a tinkerer but I have a few chops.  My day gig has been design engineering for many years but before that I was a working musician. Lots of studio time back when you had to pay for it (lil joke there).  I guess you could say now I'm reconnecting with my passion and exploiting the internet - what an amazing tool.  

Early influences were stuff I grew up listening to; big band, blues and lots of american country & western stuff, thanks Dad! The rock scene back in the 60's exposed me to all the greats of course and I loved to cover them all. Page, Clapton, Beck, yea even the Beatles - I loved it all.  One group that impressed me though was Jethro Tull.  Later it was Yes that caught my ear.  I try to draw on all of those experiences.  I can fit into a broad range of writing styles.


I have a modest setup for recording - Tascam 2488, a few effects and mikes, several keyboards including a Gaia Synth and I have a new (to me) toy in the Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth that is opening up some interesting possibilities. On the guitar side, 74 Les Paul, 57 Strat, Shecter Diamond semi hollow body with Seymour Duncans and a Piezo pickup (alot of fun to play this one). I also have a ESP bass and several acoustics including a Martin 12 string.  

Thanks to Kompoz for this site - it is put together very well, intuitive - trust me I know how challenging that is. So far I am impressed just listening - can't wait to hook up with a project and have some fun.


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