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Sometime ago there was my cousin with his booming sunburst Precision bass and uncle with his yellow crispy clean Strat playing through an awesome Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp. Next was a short demo of how to play a simple 4/4 beat. That was 1976, the start of a life long attachment to the world of music. Although that was generations ago, music is stronger and more fascinating than ever. As a drummer and mixer alike, my goal has always been to add value by building upon the artists' intention. This same goal is at the core of future collaborations at all levels. Let's have some fun!

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Moonrunner Creator, Bass, Keys, Guitars, Drums, Percussion minnesang Vocal, Woodwinds ben0 Strings RayK25 Mix / Master
ohkari Lyrics, Vocal NicolaOffidani Arrangment, Guitars DexLoga Sax PilotProject Bass EdsonCastro Lyrics RayK25 Drums, Keys, Mix / Master
IntervaloLucido Creator, Keys ipft Vocals RayK25 Drums, Mix / Master
Bluemeanie72 Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar Wholetone Acoustic Guitar Line6Freak Electric Rhythm/Lead guitar, piano, acoustic guitar tiffers1982 Vocals RayK25 Drums, Mix / Master
Nadir Creator, Bass, Guitars, Keys ondjpayn Drums ohkari Vocals RayK25 Mix / Master
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Poison and Healing

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