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This is me playing a concert to absolutely no one! This is in my family room. :) Pretty new at Guitar and singing. I've been writing songs for a while. Mostly Blues but I like traditional and outlaw country as well.

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Pretty Green Eyes V2 This is the second run at this song. It was completely changed and, thanks to so many talented friends here, I think it hit the mark this time.
Another tune with the great WPO and Chris. Thanks fellas!
Too Tired Blues Special thanks to Hollie Olson for her "killin' it" piano and backing vocal on this song. I wrote this song at work...
Moonshine This was such a fun song to sing. Thanks to WalterPaulOwen, Teek, FidlerSongs, Buttercup for playing with me.
Half-Fast Blues The first song I ever wrote. I couldn't be happier with how it came out thanks to so many wonderful people here.
It's Good For You....My first try at backing vocals. This is such a cool song. Thanks for having me on it.
Workin' Man Blues This song was "finished" sooner than expected, with the sudden departure of ProMusicMedia, who played the lead guitar. Very sad that he closed his account as he was a very talented musician and I just couldn't bring myself to ask someone else to play after he left. This is a tribute to his talent.
I'm Thinking... My first opportunity to sing with Buttercup and LindenCircle. I was a wee bit intimidated. Those two can bring IT.
What Kind of Song (Makes a Pretty Woman Sing)... Such a joy to get to sing with the ever-so-talented Christine. (Buttercup)
This may well be my favorite of the country tunes I have done. The musicians on this are just superb!
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