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This is me playing a concert to absolutely no one! This is in my family room. :) Pretty new at Guitar and singing. I've been writing songs for a while. Mostly Blues but I like traditional and outlaw country as well.

Accountant Junior

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When you love a crazy woman you're gonna be a crazy man

Electric Blues
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Tiki boyz

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(You're Such a ) Lucky Boy

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Yertle Yertle, RickyD, Mysterian

Right side of the dirt

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GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, liljoe6string, RickyD

Tattooed Woman

Acoustic Blues
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GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, RickyD, offthewall

Narrator for country track

Traditional Country
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The Texas Boogie

Honky Tonk
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You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

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Go Villa Madonna Vikings Theme

Arena Rock
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SirEdgeingtonBlue SirEdgeingtonBlue, RickyD

Black And White Cowboy

Urban Cowboy
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Fake News

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LooknGlass LooknGlass, joshoneal86, RickyD

Let Your Love Shine (Ricky's Blues)

17 Files, 1yr+6mo ago
BrotherRat BrotherRat, liljoe6string, RickyD

No, This Is Not How Its Supposed To Be

Roots Rock
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I'm Not Ready Yet

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Purple Jam

Jam Bands
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Jasmine Tea - 130

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RAF there's a hole :(sing along!)

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RAF there's a hole :(

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Squeeze Blues

Chicago Blues
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Green Eyes and Cowboy Boots

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Come on in....

Traditional Folk
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Amazing Grace Blues (16 bar blues)

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Donald Chump

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One More Time

Hard Rock
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U Can't Be Serious

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Sing Me A Story (Lyric Archive)

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Not So Bad (spin-offs enabled)

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Only Grace Can Save Me Now

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Miss Daisy Version 2

Electric Blues
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Window Shopping... aka... Fire (Ricky D spin-off)

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There's A Song In This

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Another Day

Traditional Country
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