Rm77 Rob Murphy

Colorado   United States of America
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Electric and acoustic guitars, a little banjo, MIDI keys/synth/effects/drum programming. So little time these days to participate, but love this site!

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Down Again (using Abandoned Drums 6)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
14 Files, 7yr+4mo ago
Rm77 Rm77, RGBass, Rx

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Adult Alternative
20 Files, 7yr+6mo ago
mboratto mboratto, mwilferd1, JackRelaxx + 3 more

Black Knight(Boboversion-I'm a hero)

20 Files, 7yr+6mo ago
BBkhn Bobokhn, mauro, GuidoK + 3 more

Hey Little Mama

Adult Alternative
16 Files, 6yr+1mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, Rm77, FatalTube + 1 more


21 Files, 7yr+7mo ago
mboratto mboratto, Rm77, JackRelaxx + 3 more