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Hey There, long time bassist, and should be way more skilled at it than I am. Really digging the site and really enjoy my time here.

Looking to grow in my recording, songwriting and playing skills, so many talented people here its hard to keep up.

Always fun to throw up a new piece here with some custom artwork, nothing like feeding the creative side.

Hope you enjoy what I throw out there.

The Horizon

Latin Jazz
17 Files, 11 days ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, onemomentspeace, RottGold

Go F Yourselves

8 Files, 9 days ago
TooNaked2Nick8 TooNaked2Nick8, RottGold

All Of Everybody

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 23 days ago
ramsinghelijah20 ramsinghelijah20, RottGold, Treid

Old Leo

Crossover Jazz
17 Files, 1mo+7dy ago
liljoe6string liljoe6string, RottGold

One in a Million

70 Files, 24 days ago
Graj Graj, JB2012, RealAl + 4 more


37 Files, 30 days ago
carlmoneyhoney carlmoneyhoney, NicolaOffidani, Parm + 4 more

Make For The Exit

13 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
byzantinebop byzantinebop, ATLdrums, RottGold

We could be good

Indie Rock
24 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
IntervaloLucido IntervaloLucido, Teek, ARA9 + 2 more

F U N_K10

302 Files, 1yr+11mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, mjac, liljoe6string + 79 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
10 Files, 2yr+12mo ago
peterrand peterrand, JurgenKrimp, Teek + 2 more

Walk Another Mile

Soft Rock
1 File, 3yr+3mo ago
USAsongwriter USAsongwriter, Danalyze50, tonykeys + 1 more


Indie Rock
50 Files, 3yr+1mo ago
IntervaloLucido IntervaloLucido, RottGold, KimNobleMusic + 4 more

Call On The Wind

Soft Rock
8 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
Danalyze50 Danalyze50, tonykeys, USAsongwriter + 1 more

Wicked Love - Liquid Babylon

Goth Rock
41 Files, 3yr+5mo ago

My life (Invite sent for Engineering)

23 Files, 3yr+10mo ago
ELLIEandKIM ELLIEandKIM, NIGELandOLLIE, KimNobleMusic + 2 more

My life

12 Files, 3yr+10mo ago
NIGELandOLLIE NIGELandOLLIE, KimNobleMusic, RottGold + 1 more

Giovanni Gottardi

17 Files, 4yr+1mo ago
liljoe6string liljoe6string, GiovanniGottardi, RottGold

Anymore (Working Title)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
11 Files, 4yr+2mo ago
Fretnoises Fretnoises, RottGold

YOU ALWAYS LIE (even when you say...Rock Version)

Adult Alternative
26 Files, 4yr+3mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, alyo, mingyakyak + 3 more

H(A)lain H(A)ngie H(A)ll or Ha Ha Ha

Soft Rock
95 Files, 4yr+4mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, ben0, Alfcopy4 + 22 more

Slow Burn

Indie Rock
21 Files, 4yr+6mo ago
markdeckard markdeckard, asfafashasd, RottGold

15- Breakout

30 Files, 4yr+8mo ago
Rx Rx, sriracha, KimNobleMusic + 1 more

Carry On

Indie Rock
10 Files, 3yr+4mo ago
UnderGunnedProductions UnderGunnedProductions, stonerelix, RottGold

Hell Has No Furry

9 Files, 4yr+11mo ago
capomagicpicJR capomagicpicJR, RottGold, DHarriWindow

Funeral for an Idea

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
8 Files, 4yr+11mo ago
peterrand peterrand, joeyalomar, stargazerzoso + 2 more

Fall Back Into Line (feat. Alejandra Saenz music)

44 Files, 4yr+5mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, alejandrasl, peterrand + 5 more