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I guess you could say "Music is my life". I have dedicated a lot of my life into my music. Also my song writing. I have over 80 original songs i have wrote thru the years. Im a very humble musician as well. People tell me im a good guitar player but I know there is always someone better. I have played with a lot of bands thru the years some good and some bad..But I always put 100 percent in to what im doing. I have been fortunate enough to have opened for big acts thru the years as well. I have met a lot of people who are great human beings. Made a ton of frinds and have had fun making music.Im into the guitar and i think it's into me. I have been lucky enough to hold on to my guitar collection as well. Im Obsessed with the guitar to be honest.Im self taught thru the years....Im not yngwie or angus....Im Scott.Im also new to this so any help would be great .....ThanksI would not call these people my influences cause i dont play like them but i do like the following guitarist Randy Rhoads RR ,Zakk Wylde,Jake e lee,George Lynch and Dan from disturbed.But im very opened minded in my music tastes. You can lean from about any style of music.When you stop learning.....your done.  But Above all im here to help anyone i can...Im here to be used and abused..just not confused..

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