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Atlanta Georgia   United States of America
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Eager to create great music with great people. I'm into almost everything short of Lithuanian Death Metal, so regardless of the style, let's weave some magic.

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Tumblin Down

3 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
SColson SColson

While They're Here

Country Blues
10 Files, 2mo+23dy ago
SColson SColson, joshoneal86

Let's All

Contemporary Bluegrass
5 Files, 4mo+18dy ago
SColson SColson, roberthhoffman

Rainin' Down Hell - Grass/Rock

Contemporary Bluegrass
3 Files, 3mo+10dy ago
SColson SColson

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Take My Soul

Chicago Blues
21 Files, 8mo+13dy ago

Country Ballad

Contemporary Country
12 Files, 4mo+12dy ago
joshoneal86 joshoneal86, SColson

Tears in the Name of Daniel Dunn

7 Files, 10mo+21dy ago
roberthhoffman roberthhoffman, bagpipe, GeorgeSC + 7 more

Time To Go

Alternative Country
7 Files, 9mo+19dy ago
mauro mauro, DarleneP, SColson + 1 more

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