SUEBEE Suzann Baldwin

La Center WA   United States of America
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A Washington State native,  I have been a poet most of my life, but felt the calling to write song lyrics a few years ago, and thanks to Kompoz, I am realizing this dream.

I write for each song individually, with the music itself being my inspiration, so the ideas that I submit to you will have timing information and should easily  "fit" the syllable timing and mood of the song.

I can write for your existing musical piece, whether it be a finished song or a naked beat.  I can also work with concepts.  I have many finished lyric ideas, in many styles, available as well.

Also, I understand that my lyric ideas may not fit with a musician's vision of a finished song, as inspiration can lead off in different directions.  My lyriic suggestions are just that: ideas.  I am also open to changes.  For me, it's all about the music!

I am a proud member of Beyond Atlantic (, a band influenced by 1980's style rock, but with a fresh take.



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