Scottyv Scott Villnuve

Lakewood Ohio   United States of America
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Hi all, I am a word guy! Got a file cabinet full of lyrics I feel have commercial appeal. I have the ability to write lyrics for most genres, just let me know what you need! I need to write! It's in my blood. My BMI #550445325. Having been here on Kompoz

for over a year now and going on two, I can honestly say this was the best move i could have made to further

my songwriting abilities. I have met so many awesome musicians and really refined my craft to the point i feel

i can write with anyone! Having said that, I rarely ever turn down anyone who uploads to one of my collaborations. Even

If it wasn't how i initially envisioned the tune to go, I love to see where it can go! so please don't be shy!! What i cannot

do however, is work with folks who don't share my common interests in making a song be the best it can

possibly be!! So, if you are not willing to bend, and make necessary changes to enhance the finished product, then

please...I am not the one that you should be working with! It is in my mind all about the music!! cheers and looking

forward to our next collaboration!