Scouser Joe Murphy

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Born and raised in Liverpool - moved to London - then to the Isle Of Wight. 

Always played and sang in bands, recently did my longest stretch of 7 years, now taking time to record some of my songs, with the help of you folks of course!

No Regrets

6 Files, 9mo+19dy ago
Scouser Scouser

I just wanna dance with you

Traditional Country
3 Files, 1 year ago
Scouser Scouser

JJ Gone

Classic Blues
11 Files, 4yr+3mo ago
Scouser Scouser, MarkOates

She might run

Contemporary Folk
15 Files, 4yr+9mo ago
Scouser Scouser, mauro, DantheMan + 1 more

Cup song

13 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
Scouser Scouser

How many times

23 Files, 4yr+12mo ago
Scouser Scouser, RobLee, CMAlexander

She goes on

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
65 Files, 5yr+2mo ago
Scouser Scouser, FIGSOUNDS, DantheMan + 2 more


Classic Rock
23 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
Scouser Scouser


4 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
Scouser Scouser

Got more to give

1 File, 5yr+11mo ago
Scouser Scouser

When night is falling

New Wave
25 Files, 6yr+1mo ago
Scouser Scouser, antonklinkt, FingerFolkie


Acoustic Blues
29 Files, 5yr+11mo ago
Scouser Scouser, antonklinkt, FIGSOUNDS + 2 more

More than a memory

Adult Contemporary
2 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
Scouser Scouser, Faderjockey

Somewhere out there

Adult Alternative
7 Files, 6yr+5mo ago
Scouser Scouser, bagpipe

Walk with me

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 6yr+4mo ago
Scouser Scouser


Indie Rock
43 Files, 6yr+11mo ago
Scouser Scouser, ecopunk, RonnieB + 6 more


Adult Alternative
24 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
Scouser Scouser, mauro, FingerFolkie + 2 more

Casting Shadows

Adult Alternative
1 File, 7yr+6mo ago
Scouser Scouser

Makers Of Our Destiny - Alternative Mix

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 7yr+5mo ago
Scouser Scouser

Eli & Charlie

3 Files, 7yr+5mo ago
Scouser Scouser

Back on my feet again

Chicago Blues
1 File, 7yr+8mo ago
Scouser Scouser


Adult Alternative
35 Files, 7yr+7mo ago
Scouser Scouser, RodZ, antonklinkt + 3 more

Turn my world around

Adult Alternative
72 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
Scouser Scouser, my_music_sucks, MulToR + 6 more

La Lune

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
Scouser Scouser
Artwork Staff Pick

Makers of our destiny

Adult Alternative
84 Files, 10mo+7dy ago
Scouser Scouser, FrancoGinetti, RB + 17 more