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"If Thine Enemy Wrong Thee...Buy His Child A Drum"  You know something? I've lived in the Twin Cities for nearly eight years now and I still haven't performed locally yet. Working, for me, means hopping on a plane and heading for one coast or the other...ordinarilly (not that I do much of anything ordinarilly.) I was a child prodigy. I started playing the drums at 5 yrs old. I'm a member of AFM 30_73. I studied music at the Indiana Conservatory of Music. I've been a studio musician since the mid 70's and have recorded in LA, NY, Nashville, Miami, Europe. Most of the people with whom I've worked you have probably never heard of and probably never will. Guys like Zakou Zaitz (ask me about him some time, now that's funny!)   I play old Gretsch drums. A six piece kit with a mixture of Zildjian and Paiste Signature cymbals. I use Roland and Shure mics running into a 16 channel Roland mixer that is ready to travel, in a shock-mounted Anvil case. I can feed you 8 channels, with the snare and bass drum run through my Alesis Multiverb for effects, or I can feed you a pre-mixed Left and Right. I rehearse 3-5 nights a week in:    room 105 of City Sound (the one on Glenwood and Girard, in Minneapolis, MN.) If you're ever in the neighborhood...drop on in, if the door's unlocked.  I'm looking to join, or put together a modern jazz band with a fabulously funky edge, for local and regional gigging.   I'm clean and sober.   I've got to record a couple of demos to load onto my profile in a couple of weeks.  Do yourself a favor...check back with me. It shouldn't be long and I'll have a sample or two of my play downloaded...with and without accompaniment.Thanks and God BlessHill (SessionCat)