Seven07 Ben Theobald

Kerry   Ireland
Member since November 24, 2018

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Playin' drums for over 25 yrs. I had the honour of enjoying professional education followed by around 450 gigs and several studio experiences.

I can offer fully miked top of the line acoustic drum sets including various fantastic snares and cymbals.

Looking forward to various collabs of different styles with fellas from all over the globe :)

Some details for the gear nerds :)

Sonor Designer Drumset

Yamaha Recording Custom (parts)

Mapex M-Series Drumset


14" x 08" Sonor Phonic Birch

14" x 06" Sonor Delite Maple

14" x 05" Sonor Artist Steel Black

14" x 05" Sonor Signature Phil Rudd

14" x 05" Sonor D454 Steel

13" x 05" Sonor Prolite Maple

12" x 05" Sonor Designer Maple Gavin Harrison Special Edition


Paiste Twenty

Paiste Twenty Custom

Paiste Giant Beat

Paiste 3000

Paiste 2002

Including various FX cymbals such as chimes and chinas in all sizes.