Sid Scott Anderson

CT   United States of America
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Corporate slug by day, musician by night.  I play mostly bass but I mess with the guitar on occassion.

Influences:  Jack Bruce, Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Chris Squire, Phil Lesh, The Ox, John Paul Jones and Dee Dee Ramone to name a few.

Instruments:  '84 Japanese Squire P Bass, '87 Charvel 3B-P/J, '02 US Fender Strat HSS Texas Special, '90 Ovation Custom Balladeer and my newest addition, a 2013 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass

On my basses I use EMG pickups and Rotosound strings.  For my Strat I use the stock Texas Special singles and a Seymour Duncan Custom 5.

My claim to "fame" is a 3 minute performance on MTV many years ago and a number of performances at CBGB's in NYC.  BTW, they let pretty much anyone play there, however, just to know that on the stage stood some of rock and roll's greatest performers.

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