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Greetings, everyone who takes an intrest in reading this.  I am a gothic Singer/Songwriter/Composer  who is learning more and more about what I am capable of everyday.  Not everyone will like my style of vocals or  even my music but, I'm just here doing what I love to do most.

 I have to admit I find it a little intimidating to just throw up acapella versions of songs that I am interested in on this site, and it seems that I am never happy with the mixes unless I mix the vocals to the song myself if I am singing them.  If you do mix my vocals, please note that I love love love lots of echo and reverb.   I am always happy with honest but nice critiques, and use the advice I get wisely.  


If you would be willing to work with me and allow me to mix the songs myself, I would truely appreciate it.


My biggest influences are Evanescence, Nightwish, Metallica and Celldweller and Gregorian.

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