Sue2BlueEyes Sue Whitehead

Dillwyn VA   United States of America
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I am a vocalist, primarily a mezzo-soprano. I also like to write songs-- music, lyrics, and arrangement. My favorite genre is traditional folk music, esp. Celtic songs. I also do some gospel.

After 30-some years of no performing, I have taken up the challenge of singing again and am getting to the point where I like what I hear on my recordings. I am also learning to yodel. I am a beginner at yodeling but would love some tips or input from other yodelers.

I often get stuck on the instrumentals and have resorted to using mostly MIDIs, but would love to have some actual instruments played. I also would love to have some other vocalists for harmony, etc.

If anything that I have said strikes a sympathetic chord with you, please contact me about any musical collaboration or idea!

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