Suggins Randy Swartout

Sherburne New York   United States of America
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I was in a band over 20 years ago. Just started playing again about a year ago.

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Wow, What an incredible experience this has been for me. Jen Carie incredible lyrics and vocals. stnbrgrbass Paul Willis with a fantastic bassline! bagpipe Derek Barlas, Fantastic guitar work! And then Schwefelhard Fabian Adam, fantastic mix!
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Summer Sun

Alternative Country
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Suggins Suggins, bassman78fr

Missing you

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In Progress

Classic Rock
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Suggins Suggins, stnbrgrbass, joel_sattlersongs + 1 more

I'll Find The Star

37 Files, 11mo+16dy ago
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Just Hold On

43 Files, 9mo+3dy ago
JenCarie JenCarie, Suggins, JeanToudou + 3 more

Cowboys Never Cry (2019)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
19 Files, 9mo+9dy ago
peterrand peterrand, Suggins, Graiouf


Adult Alternative
10 Files, 9mo+14dy ago
peterrand peterrand, Suggins

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