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I was a singer and dancer before I even knew how to talk. Purple Rain was the first movie I remember watching at 3 with my mom every night, and it's been my favorite ever since. I I've been a singer dancer and actress my whole life ,been in training from elementary school to high school even study dance and musical theater in college as both my major. I started learning how to produced in 2006 and joined my boyfriend at the time to form a singing duo called Pavmire. We were a mixture of industrial and soul - pretty much he was Depeche Mode to my Chaka Khan or Diana Krall or sometimes Peaches.

Right now I am currently freelance choreographer and performance instructor, and I still produce music but only limited to my paid for phone app caustic. I haven't sold those tracks nor have I use them because it just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as getting on an actual keyboard in the studio and then after putting together the music, I'm on the mic. I am looking to start my own solo music tracklist because I do love singing and I would like to contribute my voice to the house ,electronica, trip hop world. I really just enjoy being part of the artistic underground scene and jamming with other artists.