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Born in Rome (Italy) in 1956, began to interested music in the first 70's,do the first steps studying drums, my first group was formed by me - drums,Umberto Fiorentino - guitar (now great protagonist of Italian jazz and not only),Riccardo del Fra, double bass (currently director of Jazz Department of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris,France (CNSMDP)),Enrico Orsini - Trumpet and Adriano Mordenti - Tenor Sax.Then, the guitar for the "singer" .. typical of ... I subscribe (80's)to SIAE (Italian Copyright Office) and write a little bit of pop for almost italiangroup (Milk & Coffee and Santarosa).I now enjoy playing classic jazz and contemporary,my reference points are many, including: Keith Jarrett, John Scoffield, Pat Metheny .... and many Italian musicians like Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Pieranunzi and others, as well as most traditional Davis, Coltrane, Shorter, Monk, J. Henderson and thousands of others. among my favorite modern drummers Jack De Johnette, Bill Stewart, Brian Blade, Steve Smith, Antonio Sanchez ........


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Improv Outer Limits

Avant-Garde Jazz
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Contemporary Jazz
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Canon de la Sabinosa

Modern Composition
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In The Air

Classic Rock
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Classic Rock
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Sea Of Reeds

Classic Rock
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I Make Your Jazz Funk a Glitch-Hop

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Ride The Wind

Classic Rock
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Days of life

Contemporary Jazz
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Dawn of broken dreams

Contemporary Jazz
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Love Love Now in your heart

Contemporary Jazz
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Chase No Straighter

Trad Jazz
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Scale Oblique

Smooth Jazz
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April Blues

Trad Jazz
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Precious Life

Classic Rock
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Trane-ing Blues

Mainstream Jazz
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Santa Cruzin'

Trad Jazz
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New Day Horizon

Mainstream Jazz
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davidw davidw, dBass, TommyDrums

Days Of Content Longing

Trad Jazz
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Compagno segretario

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Wear It

Mainstream Jazz
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El desafio

Trad Jazz
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Blues For Bebop

Trad Jazz
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Il Gaffeur

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Parapagal Parapagal, NicolaOffidani, TommyDrums

Who remains not forgets

Crossover Jazz
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TommyDrums TommyDrums, Janfat, davidw

I am nobody (new version)

Crossover Jazz
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Are You Ready To Know Me?

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What Child Is This

Trad Jazz
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Accidental Rolling

Contemporary Jazz
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Cant Find My Way

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Water goes to sea

Contemporary Jazz
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Contemporary Jazz
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Taking Notes

Hard Bop
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Good Morning

Smooth Jazz
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