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I am not logged on here often, so if you wish to contact me quickly for a project, please use my email address:


I'm a professional musician and college music professor. I play drums/percussion and enjoy writing and recording music. I have eclectic tastes in music, and have experience playing in several styles. I have worked on long-distance writing and recording projects and am looking for new ways to find colleagues to work with utilizing the internet for creative projects.

Thanksgiving (working title only) demo v1

1 File, 13 hours ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer

Short is the Joy

17 Files, 2 years ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, root68, bsoldate

Summer Fun (working title)

2 Files, 3yr+8mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, seniorpopx


30 Files, 3yr+8mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, Aloe, root68

Obsidian (working title)

2 Files, 3yr+10mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer

Stone Chronicles

11 Files, 3yr+9mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer

Smalltown Georgia Nights

Contemporary Bluegrass
16 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer

Rites of Betrayal

Hard Rock
7 Files, 3yr+10mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, AndreaSpace

Inner Kangaroo

12 Files, 3yr+9mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, JonGarcia, root68

Everyday Things (TonySawyer Spin)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
5 Files, 5yr+10mo ago
TonySawyer TonySawyer, Hudson3, OregonGuy