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Hey everyone, my name is Nathan. I was born in 81 so that makes me however old I am when you are reading this. (currently 33) I am a farmer in central Minnesota, but I grew up loving music. I love music and in particular I love creating and the process of creating music. Unfortunately I don't have many people in this area that are interested in creating music. 

Don't assume that because I am a farmer that I am just a country guy. I am truly a rocker in my heart. That doesn't mean that I don't write the occasional country song now and then. (seems like all my love songs develope a country twang) My preference is for acoustic guitar and piano rock. 

What can I do? Well, to tell you the truth, not much. I am just being honest :-) I have a good assortment of high quality recording gear and a nice space to record in. I have what I and others think is a good voice. I also have a unique ability to interpret songs through melody, harmony, and lyric. 

I hope to meet new people here and I look forward to making music! 

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