TriYop Yvan JANET

Melun   France
Member since September 5, 2018

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Musician mainly self-taught, I play mainly drums and wind instruments.



- C shawm by E. Moulder

- Bb Bombard from Hervieux & Glet

- G Bombard by G. Jaillard

- G Traverso by J. Barbe

- a whole lot of whistles and flutes in different tones (Yamaha, Mollenhauer, Moeck, Clarke)

- cavalry trumpet, bugle, piston horn

Drums and percussion:

- Drums: Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz + Cymbals Paiste & Istanbul + snare drum Sonor force 2007

- Ethnic percussions (Djembe, Darbouka, ...)

- many hand percussions (agogo bell, cow bell, cabasa, shakers, frame drum)

- glockenspiel

Keyboards (Yamaha, M-Audio)

Nylon & steel stringed guitars (used almost only for drafting)

Recording equipment:

- dynamic and static microphones from AKG, BeyerDynamic and MXL

- Mixing, Preamps, EQ, digital conversion: Behringer and M-Audio