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Having played mainly covers on other online collaboration sites for the past years - I'm excited to have found a place where people are making great original music! Maybe I can contribute a small part to some of it. I've been playing for over 30 years - on and off - and it keeps me sane in this mad world. I'm probably most at home playing funk/fusion/blues but will attempt anything. I love all genuine, unpretentious music that touches a nerve - I don't care too much about pigeon holes. If you need rhythm or lead guitar - let me know and I'll try my best (you'll be the judge whether it's good enough).

Gmaj Track

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MikeyMojo MikeyMojo, Turbomaus

Am Funk

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Some kinda Blue

Contemporary Blues
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Let me down slowly (for A sensual blues)TST spin-off

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TSTstudios TSTstudios, Zamfear, doctormcfarland + 3 more

I Think I Found Me TSTspin

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Magic (Spinoff with TSTmix)

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Magic (Scottyv lyrics)

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Let me down slowly (for A sensual blues)

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Outside the Lines (Poem in Dashboard)

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Captain Crunch

Smooth Jazz
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Ghostbuster1 Ghostbuster1, DexLoga, BergR + 2 more

A Funky Touch

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Wolves Set In

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YOU CAN TALK TO ME song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Smooth Jazz
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