Turbomaus Alex Wilke

London   United Kingdom
Member since June 8, 2018

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Having played mainly covers on other online collaboration sites for the past years - I'm excited to have found a place where people are making great original music! Maybe I can contribute a small part to some of it. I've been playing for over 30 years - on and off - and it keeps me sane in this mad world. I'm probably most at home playing funk/fusion/blues but will attempt anything. I love all genuine, unpretentious music that touches a nerve - I don't care too much about pigeon holes. If you need rhythm or lead guitar - let me know and I'll try my best (you'll be the judge whether it's good enough).

The Funk Hut

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A funk group where we could share our love for this style And collectively try to expel those centuries of german military marches by pleading allegiance to the groove

Virtual Instruments and Plug-ins

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Free Plug-Ins Etc

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Sound Engineering & Recording

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