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Started writing "lyrics only" about 1995...then collaborating on Kompoz in 2013. I sing as well...but only stuff I wrote the lyrics to. Check out my showcase tracks to hear some of my best collaborations as well as a few solo tracks I've done. Love working on a great piece of music when time allows!

My Showcase Tracks
Another great song created with my friend Glenn Acker
My collaborating partnership with Glenn has been nothing but a joy since day one. This is my third co-write with him of many more to come it looks like as we have lots of sure to be great songs in the works. Stay tuned.... "Girls Like You" Music: Glenn Acker Lyrics: Daniel Lee Williams Vocals: Glenn Acker
Easily one of my fave collaborations on Kompoz. Christine took lyrics that I had pretty much given up for dead and rocked them to life in a way I never expected....but am truly thrilled with! The track has since been remixed and the intro shortened....but this version with the extended intro is still my fave so I opted to give it a home here. The newer version can be found along with lots of other great songs in the showcase section of Christine's page :) "Reckless Over You" Lyrics: Daniel Lee Williams Vocals & Melody: Christine Linge Music: Christine Linge Drums: Raul Rodriguez Bass: Kurt Ploesch Organ: Kurt Ploesch Additional Guitar: Simon Tomkins
Great blues track featuring the talented Hollie Olson teaming up with Kjell Karlsson and myself "She's Gone" Music: Kjell Karlsson Lyrics & Vocals: Daniel Lee Williams Hammond B3 & Piano: Hollie Olson
I love the blues....and the super talented Kjell Karlsson is a pro at supplying some of the very best blues backing tracks to be found on Kompoz. When I listen to his music....I get lost in the arrangement and the words almost write themselves. His projects are also where most of the vocals I do can be heard "All Alone" Music: Kjell Karlsson Lyrics & Vocals: Daniel Lee Williams
A song about having EVERYTHING and then NOTHING to the extent of being homeless....and my very first collaboration with Hollie Olson. I can really sympathize with people who find themselves in this situation after writing this. Hollie has since created a music video for the song as well which can be seen on her YouTube channel "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" Lyrics and Music: Daniel Lee Williams Vocals, Piano & Organ: Hollie Olson Bass & Guitar: Michael Eccleson Drums: Oliver Kaiser
My first collaboration with the super talented Glenn Acker. I had been searching for a male co-writer that could sing AND play an instrument for quite a while before Glenn surprised me with his first appearance on my project. Since his Kompoz debut on this project we have done two others and have several more in the works "Come Back to Me" Music: Glenn Acker Lyrics: Daniel Lee Williams Vocals: Glenn Acker
This song highlights one of the very rare times I write, sing.... AND play an instrument on a track....and one of my faves for this reason "Angel of Heartbreak" Music, Lyrics & Vocals: Daniel Lee Williams Rhythm Guitar: Daniel Lee Williams - Jason Jones Lead Guitar: Daniel Lee Williams Drums & Bass Guitar: Jason Jones Backup Vocals: Jason Jones Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Jason Jones
Hollie was the first female collaborator I had the pleasure of working with on Kompoz. This song is one of my faves done by her as well as featuring a searing lead guitar of my faves as Josh Miller. "The More I cry the Less You Say" Lyrics: Daniel Lee Williams Music and Vocals: Hollie Olson Drums: Andrew Boucher Bass: George Schiessl Rhythm and Lead Guitar: Josh Miller
This song is about how maddening it can be when continually subjected to non-stop complaining. Those with sensitivity issues may want to avoid listening to this one! "The Bitching Disease" All Guitars: Alexander Kamburov Drums: Andrew Boucher Lyrics & Vocals: Daniel Lee Williams Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Alexander Kamburov
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