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Like music in general.

Like inspiring songs with a story in it.

Like originality.

Like having fun.

Like singing and make songs based on the range of all possible feelings.

Songs with a story. Humor if possible and appropriate.

Like to do as I like. (Who doesn't :) ?).

Often I start with an idea for lyrics and a melody. And then others can have a go at vocals or with instruments. Or add to the lyrics...or change them or....

Mixing is not my talent , neither producing...etc... I can do it but do not have the passion for it.

I like to be quick in delivering tracks, but am not expecting that from others. Creativity can't be rushed :)

Will try backing vocals when invited. Or do vocals with lyrics. Cannot read from sheet, ear only. Adapts lyrics to make more songlike. Will even have a go on keyboard...guitar... but no pure musician.

On the technical side

DAW Audacity. 44.1/32 (default settings)

Learns as much he can to have top recordings. Suggestions are always welcomed. Tracks passed are mostly left dry ( Sometimes some unimportant parts are 'silenced'). In some case 'voice isolation' and 'normalize' used.

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My Heaven

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