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Hi all:) Semi retired guy who took up guitar after it being on ice for much of my career. Always wanted a home recording studio after I retired, so here I am. I love writing my own songs and finding talented lyricists and vocalists to bring them to life. So many super talented folks here!!!

I play rhythm, lead guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass. I use Cubase. I'm into folk, roots rock, rock, Latin salsa and I like to venture into other genres I haven't yet tried. Have fun!

My Showcase Tracks
A fun rock tune. Thanks Thomas Hines for lyrics and Bob Campbell for vocals.
A lovely nautical themed song by myself and Susan. Incredible melody, lyrics and vocals by Susan. Instrumental composition by myself :)
A fun country song. Susan Fidler vocals, James Tanner lyrics and me on all instruments and musical composition.
Upbeat Latin Salsa. .(feat. Roselyne Haye lyrics and vocals, Gabrojazz- piano, Alyo - drums , myself -composition,bass, guitars, brass , sax, percussion.
Smooth jazz. Featuring the very talented Sreyashi Mukherjee with lyrics and vocals.
An Irish Ballad Love song ......A big thanks to Jodeen (lyrics) and Susan (vocals) for making this song so special.
Thomas Hines lyrics, James Fraser mandolin. My first crack at singing on an original tune.
This is an old Stan Rogers tune I recorded a few years back on a portable 12 track. I have permission from his brother Garnet Rogers, who played with Stan up until his untimely death to list the song here. It is probably the only time anyone will hear me sing. Just love this song about Maritimers moving west for jobs in a bleak eastern economy. The fiddle is me riffing on my strat through a roland guitar synth .
Buttercup singing beautifully, Joel Sattler songs with great lyrics, Figsounds with a great beat and Pramsay with a mix n master. Turned out very nice.
First attempt at Jazz, perhaps not my last. Joel Sattler nailed it with lyrics. Parmia's vocals are ......outstanding.
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