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I have been doing music all my life in one form or another. I have a degree in music education and have taught public school music for years. The other side of me has been a professional entertainer. I love both. I play piano, write, sing. Recently I have begun to study the Chapman Stick and guitar. Music makes my world go 'round.

There are so many influences for me but the standout writing inspiration(s) would have to be Greg Kurstin, Ian Axel, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Kacey Musgraves and Nichole Nordeman. The vocal inspirations are too numerous to list completely but the highlight singers would be the late Amy Winehouse, Lizz Wright, the late Minnie Riperton and the all-time jazz greats like Ella, Lena Horne and Sade.

I began to only write lyrics and melody but learning the art of recording and the process of creating meaningful music has always been my goal. I came to Kompoz in order to expand my skills and it gave me the opportunity to work with some excellent musicians.

I am still creating songs now more then ever. In fact, one of my original songs was voted "Song of the Year 2015" by the Dallas Songwriter's Association and 2 of my Christian originals have received radio airplay. Recently I participated with 75 other writers in a prominent songwriter's workshop/showcase. I had the distinct pleasure of one of my songs being chosen by an award winning songwriter to be performed in the writer's showcase. I was extremely honored since only three songwriters were chosen.

Kompoz gave me the courage to move on and start writing entire songs by myself and now they are being publicly acknowledged and accepted....very kool, thanks Kompoz!

Otherwise I am currently inactive here but would sincerely like to thank all of those who shared their creativity and talent with me, you guys and gals rock!!!

Inside an A minor

Adult Alternative
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NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, Dorinda, Bottom_End

Where I find You

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kenzoK kenzoK, Dorinda, DantheMan2

Give Me A Cigarette

Chicago Blues
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Fly With Me Tonight

Adult Alternative
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Adult Alternative
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Apple Blossoms

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Atmosphere (Duet with Figsounds)

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Winehouse Winehouse

Save Tomorrow

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Vogel Vogel, Dorinda


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Chicago Blues
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The Merry in my Christmas

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Winehouse Dorinda, FIGSOUNDS

Hot Box Love(just for fun with andthebox)

Adult Alternative
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Winehouse Winehouse

The Wind(Featuring Dorinda)

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Soul Core

Adult Alternative
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Like Water

Adult Alternative
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Pieces in a Puzzle

Bossa Nova
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Can't Rewind

Traditional Country
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The Way I see You

Traditional Country
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My First Love

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All the love is gone

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Artwork Staff Pick

Endless night

Adult Alternative
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Remember Me

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Vogel Vogel, Dorinda

The Tail of the Dragon

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Vogel Vogel, Dorinda

Summers End

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22nd Avenue

Trad Jazz
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Treat me Like your Lover

Alternativo & Rock Latino
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Flirting with Strangers

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My own Sky

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Today, For Sure

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