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~También hablo español

~If something doesn't vibe with you, just say so -- no worries! You won't offend me; I promise. ;) Music is a very subjective thing.


~I've disabled invites for now because I have a few of my own projects that I want to work on ;)

~You can find me on Spotify (, YouTube (, SoundCloud (, & more

My Showcase Tracks
Probably the most komplimentz I've ever received :)
One of my favorites. With sriracha, Gemini, GeorgeSC
Te busque <3
Absolutely love this song
One of my favorite kollabs with the talented antonioramirez :D
I had way too much fun with this song :)
Really enjoyed singing on this one
Sometimes I like to sing high notes lol
This song turned out great, IMHO ;) Some great talent here on Kompoz!
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I See Souls

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Walk Away

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Fits Perfectly

Adult Contemporary
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Mykk Mykk, Amanda, aliceminguez + 1 more

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