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***I sing because I?m Happy. I sing because I?m Free.***

I have been sharing my gifts with those around me since I could speak. Countless collaborative efforts over the span of my life including band & choral competition, professional endeavors, and my current community arts project with the Love City Arts Collective have made me come alive... and I am just getting started.

The purpose of my artistry is that people from all walks of life will be able to find a sliver of their ?Personal Truth? contained in the music I present and leave more lifted than when they entered the space. If you come from a spiritual background or could care less, there will be ?Universal Truth? woven in every note and phrase that will pluck your heartstrings.

Weaving the arts together in a beautiful ?tapestry of sound?, I perform the stylings of Inspirational Pop, R&B, Soul, A cappella, Jazz and Musical Theater pieces with heartfelt and soulful passion.

I can?t wait to celebrate my love of music and gifts with you.

- André

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