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Chesterfield Derbyshire   United Kingdom
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I have been playing keyboards for over 25 years now . I have a soulful bluesy style of playing . I've played in many bands over the years around the UK,Australia,New Zealand a few in Europe . I am mainly a blues soul player but I like lots of different genres of music,indie,punk,scan,Latin . The list is endless.

My equipment is a korg krome keyboard music workstation with a 16 track sequencer ..Yam aha full size electric stage piano .SURE SM58 microphone . Toshiba laptop for downloading vst instruments off the Internet to beef up my sound library.

129th Street

28 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
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The Trump Bump

17 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
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Sheep (Pink Floyd Cover)

23 Files, 2 years ago
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Funk Jam Friday Night

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When That Lightning Strikes

Contemporary Blues
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See Me spinOFF

Electric Blues
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Letting Go

Contemporary Blues
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Lover Man

Electric Blues
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Daydreams 12 bar blues

Classic Blues
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