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I've been playing guitar since joining a punk band in 1983 from school on Merseyside. We got ourselves a record deal but split up just before we went in to record our first EP (vinyl talk!!). I decided to concentrate on studies and carried on playing every now and then. I got a job that took me round the world for five years and met loads of top people - I used to buy cheap acoustic guitars wherever I landed and jammed with whoever. Guitar then took a bit of a back seat to work, marriage, fatherhood, etc - you know the score!!.

 Over the last few years, I've just got into it again with full encouragement from the family- It's been sound!! I invested in Riffworks/Line 6 recording software and just started Komposing my own stuff and publishing it on 

 I found out about this site when I was contacted by a Kompoz member, JustinW, who wanted to add vox to a couple of my tunes - I was made up, but to re-contact him, I had to join Kompoz - What a top move!! I've published loads of my tunes on the site now and have had some absolutely fantastic addtions/collaborations - long may it continue!!

 I have three guitars, A 1982 Gibson Sonex (18th Birthday present from folks!! - now a vintage guitar I suppose!!), American Strat (I do most of my recording with this) and a Yamaha APX5 Electro Acoustic. I use a Boss GT6 multi effects sysem and record driectly onto Riffworks software.

 I'd like for anyone to add to any of my tunes and am made up with the interest already shown, additions made and comments given!!

 My influences are massively diverse: Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Stranglers, The Damned, SLF, The Ruts, UK Subs, 999, The Cure, Spear Of Destiny, Killing Joke, Echo & The Bunnymen (Top Merseyside Band), Icicle Works (Top Merseyside Band), The Smiths, Simple Minds, Pink Floyd, Paul Weller/The Jam, Ian Brown/Stone Roses, Iron Maiden, Scorpions (Some fantastic guitar tracks!!), Placebo and my favourite band at the moment - Within Temptation.

 Please add to my tracks - It's great to join with some real talent that exists here!!


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