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I'm Dan, born in 1985.

My main instruments are the guitar and bass, but I play a little of everything, and also sing.

I'm a gemini, so please bear with me.

I'm heavily influenced by John Williams, Ennio Morricone and Erik Satie, although it doesn't show in my work (much).

I like bands and artists such as (favorites in bold):

Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Air, Tool, Dream Theater, Cynic, Aeon Spoke, Ayreon, Beck, Brad Mehldau, Fiona Apple, Cake, Camel, Kevin Moore and Chromakey, Circa Survive, GlassJAw, Deftones, Denali, Diesel, EatLiz, Ebu Gogo, Gavin Castleton, Incubus, Imogen Heap, Radiohead, Katatonia, Magnet, Meshuggah, King Crimson, Natalie Walker, Oceansize, Opeth, OSI, Pain of Salvation, Paulinho Moska, Peter Gabriel, Jack Conte, Rush, Portishead, Akira Yamaoka, Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins, Spastik Ink and Blotted Science, Devin Townsend, Steve Vai, Nevermore, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, The Reign of Kindo, and much more...

 I started playing the guitar at age 11 and had a thing for elaborate music, learning to play complicated and fast stuff. Nowadays those items are in my menu, but less often.

I had a prog-rock band at age 16-19, which played mostly covers from old Dream Theater, Rush and King Crimson.

I graduated in Recording Arts and Music Production in 2007, and since 2005 I've been working as a sound engineer and music producer.

I composed and produced for TV ads, audiobooks, and some short films.

I was just recently working at big TV network as a re-recording (mixing) engineer; my life is centered around my cozy little apartment where I have a humble small studio.

My instruments are:

7 string electric guitar - Cort X7 (tremolo bridge) with DiMarzios6 string electric guitar - Ibanez RG270JB (floating bridge)6 string acoustic steel guitar - Ibanez PF1005 string electric bass - LTD BA55 with ESP actives6 string acoustic nylon guitar - Eagle CH-800acoustic violin - Parrot (no model)electric violin - Stagg EVN MBKscaletta - around 1960'sglockenspiel - JogUkulele - Lanikai LU11cajon - Pithyrecorders - Yamahaflute - Yamahanative mexican flutenative argentinian ocarinasome harmonicassome quality shakersmidi keyboard - M-Audio Axiom2 61

Virtual Instruments: EWQL Complete, Superior Drummer 2, a NI bundle

Studio Gear:

Behringer B2031A pairFocusrite Sapphire PRO40 audio interfaceM-Audio Delta 1010LT audio interface (for sale)M-Audio Axiom2 61M-Audio Keystation 49 Midi Keyboarda Behringer desk mixer with terrible pre-amps (not using anymore, thx god)Marshall Electronics MXL990 large diaphragm condenser micAudio Technica AT2050 large diaphragm condenser micShure SM57 loZ dynamic micZoom H4n digital audio recorder/stereo mic/portable audio interfaceIntel i5 quad 2.66gHz with 12GB RAM running Apple OSX 10.6.8/Win7 SP1MacBook Pro 13" 2010 2.4gHz 4GB RAMAvid Pro Tools 9/Cockos Reaper 4AKG K414p portable headphonesBehringer HPX3000 dj headphones

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