bagpipe Derek Barlas

Kanata Ontario   Canada
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Primarily a guitar player, I also like to dabble in mandolin, harmonica, slide guitar, lap steel and softsynths. I get most enjoyment from contributing to other peoples projects rather than trying to write my own.

Into the Garden - the Home Made Concept Album 27-29 March 2019

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Every year since 2008 I meet up with @rolf with the ambitious goal of creating a concept album from scratch in just three days... (2 and a half if you count getting there and taking a quick stop at the Sainsburys in Keynsham for beer and crisps).  ...

SHEEP! 2015 concept album project

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Concept album: collaborators wanted... May 21, and May 22 Every year I meet up with Rolf (Neil Wilson) for a few days and record new songs, compositions. so we're looking for any collaborators to help us. We write and record as we go along, and t...