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I'm an engineer, producer and musician looking to work with talented artists and individuals.

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Life On A String

Adult Alternative
16 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
bargeloobs bargeloobs, capomagicpicJR, billsjulin

Mermaid Fillets

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 6yr+10mo ago
bargeloobs bargeloobs, Xial


American Trad Rock
1 File, 6yr+11mo ago
bargeloobs bargeloobs

Angel Cry

American Trad Rock
2 Files, 6yr+8mo ago
bargeloobs bargeloobs, jonzey

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Alternative Folk
8 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
DublinStudioHub DublinStudioHub, bargeloobs

Experimental One on One

5 Files, 6yr+4mo ago
Explendidos ThomasEwel, bargeloobs, AirportServiceVehicle


14 Files, 6yr+10mo ago
Bastard Bastard, bargeloobs, fresh727 + 1 more

Cafe Des Arts

Latin Jazz
18 Files, 6yr+3mo ago
Jecks Jecks, bargeloobs, SirEdgeingtonBlue + 4 more

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bargeloobs endorsed capomagicpicJR for Vocals-Male
1yr+1mo ago
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6yr+1mo ago
bargeloobs uploaded a mix (version 1) of type Engineering-Mixing to the collaboration ICE On The Beach, EDM concept (Contest Entry)
6yr+1mo ago
bargeloobs created a Soundtrack collaboration titled ICE On The Beach, EDM concept (Contest Entry)
6yr+1mo ago
bargeloobs added a comment to the Guitar-Acoustic Sep in the collaboration Summertime
6yr+1mo ago