bassman78fr Philippe Pansard

Conflans Sainte Honorine   France
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Bass player since many years (> 30 ans), my preferences are Soul, Jazz, Blues

I have participated in many musical projects and numerous public performances in France. I seek to share the contribution of my instrument with other musicians through this community. I also actively participate in the Wikiloops community jams. I have a variety of bass that can answer all musical styles. I also have a studio studio allowing me to handle the sound of my mixes.



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This group wants to create a new level of kompoz collaboration => european get-together on a nice place. There should be an organizer-team which does: * promotion * book a big house with rooms and beds and a nice big room for the jam * book ...

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This is a group for Kompoz Community chat - proactive and mostly positive  

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A group for bass players to talk about bass guitars, tips & tricks, bass amps, techniques, and more.