bigdrums Todd Vierra

Juneau Alaska   United States of America
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Love to drum.I have about 5 drum sets to pick for tracking certain music,i use API and Neve 1073 pre's,i record to a aurora N ADDA converter into Harrison.

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To Be ( SPIN OFF Todd Vierra Drums )

Adult Alternative
19 Files, 9mo+12dy ago
minime minime, Wire-and-Wood, bigdrums

To Be ////////

Adult Alternative
15 Files, 10mo+9dy ago
minime minime, Wire-and-Wood, bigdrums

Should Have Known- Groove Rocker

Hard Rock
28 Files, 11 months ago
asummerlin asummerlin, Wire-and-Wood, bigdrums + 3 more

Political Circus

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
12 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
srhangover srhangover, Wire-and-Wood, bigdrums