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I?m william I live in Detroit Michigan and i?ve been making music realistically for 10 years but i took a 6 year break after falling on hard times.. I have some really catchy ideas sometimes but find myself falling short with vocals and lyrics.. i have great knowledge with mixing and arrangement and an even better knowledge of software and software plugins.. i love experimenting with different software synths like massive and serum and post production software like izotope has.. the music i?m fluent in is edm but i love ALL kinds like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Killers, Khalid, Timberland, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John (hell yea), Nirvana, James Brown and many other motown bands! Living in Detroit though has me carry a certain amount of pride with House music and Techno. Anyways i?m very eager to learn and grow from what everyone has to offer... and um... let?s make music babys lol 😂