bnovak Brandon Novak

Wethersfield CT   United States of America
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I've been playing for more than 25 years in multiple situations: marching bands, theater, alt rock original, power trios, acoustic percussion, modern country and top 40.

I'm currently in a working cover band and an original project.

I'm an open-minded, creative, musical drummer with an ear for what the band is doing. Fast learner, can write and read charts. Always play for the song and am a true believer that simpler is usually better.

If you're looking for live drums for your track, hit me up.


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This group is for drummers and percussionists.  Collaborating online is a brave new world for many of us.  This group will help answer questions about recording your drums, mic'ing techniques, interfacing with your DAW, and more.  Join in!