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Still kicking, but not quite as high

Community Chat

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This is a group for Kompoz Community chat - proactive and mostly positive  

Band In A Box (Arm Chair Producers)

3 members

Last fall I had a major back surgery side lining my ability to play my drums, guitars, and basses live for a while.  While I have more or less recovered, I found that investing in the latest version of BIAB and all it's add-ons opened up a new av...

Kompoz 3.0

127 members

This group will be used to discuss features for Kompoz 3.0.  All Kompoz members are welcomed to join and participate.  Feedback and ideas are appreciated.

The PEOPLE Behind the MUSIC

10 members

The beauty of Kompoz has always been not just about the brilliant compositions and performances found across the site, but the wonderful people behind them.    This group is dedicated to the PEOPLE behind the MUSIC, and its purpose is:   To give an...

Apple Logic Pro X

224 members

Apple Logic Pro X users unite! Tips & Tricks, support, manuals, and more.

Lyrics, Songwriting and Arranging

872 members

Share your ideas, resources, etc


848 members

This group is for vocalists/singers.  Share any ideas, resources, websites, inspirations.

Sound Engineering & Recording

919 members

This group is for recording engineers or anyone who is interested in learning more about sound engineering.  Collaborating online is a brave new world for many of us.  This group will help answer questions about mixing, mastering, sync tones, and inter...

Guitar Players

573 members

This group is for guitar players and guitar enthusiasts.  Collaborating online is a brave new world for many of us.  This group will help answer questions about recording your guitar, mic'ing techniques, virtual amps, and interfacing with your DAW....