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I am a singer, songwriter, player, who has been playing, writing and recording for a spell. I lived in the Los Angeles area for a a big chunk of my musical experience. I currently reside in northern California. My goal is to connect with other artist, Singers, writers, bass, drums, guitar, ect...

If you have the ability to record and send files of a higher bit rate this would be beneficial.

I can work with

24bit 96,48,or 41.1 khz

If you only have the MP3 capability on your account that is cool too. But you better be playing your ass off if its just MP3.(LOL)Kidding.

I am easy going. I know we all have lives outside of our addiction here so no pressure(Well most of us:). By the way my name is Alex. By day I'm a Barber at night I am a musical lawnmower. Feel free to message me.

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