crazymadhouse David Young

Wakefield   United Kingdom
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I'm currently taking a few weeks away from Kompoz!

I'm an ideas man, I have dabbled in most areas of music, from writing lyrics to composing to recording. I'm not an expert in any area and have given up playing an instrument these days (I was, in my youth, a keyboard player) but I would love to collaborate with lyrics and/or composing again.

I usually write music. Sometimes I write lyrics. Rarely do I do both! For some reason I really struggle to put words to my own music, and vice versa.

Being an 80's child, I am heavily influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode and New Order but my musical tastes are wide and varied.

Disclaimer: All of my songs are created using royalty free samples, with the intention that they will inspire live musicians to replace individual tracks until eventually the whole song is "live". I can play live, spent many years playing in a band, but for personal reasons I have vowed never to play again. I therefore have an idea of what seems to work and what doesn't. If you are happy working with loops or samples, please feel free to join me on my tracks.