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lewisville tx   United States of America
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My name is Chris Saffle, and I am in Lewisville Tx. I have been writing and recording for about 3 years now, teaching myself on the fly how to sing, write, structure songs, and play. No pro, but for me, I am proud of where I am so far.

I record under the name "the PrahJektz". I do so in the corner of my lliving room using Reason 5/ Record Duo. I record vocals in between my dogs barking at neighbors walking past the house.

I am all over the board influentially. It shows in my writing, as I veer from goofy songs, to techno, to more rock influenced tunes. I listen to everything from AC/DC to DEVO, Gary Numan to Arcade Fire, Oingo Boingo to the Beatles.

In 2013, I had a small run of my album produced so I could have a physical copy of an accomplishment. It was called "Tales of Lust, Sorrow, and Revenge!" by the PrahJektz. You can download it free @ www.theprahjektz1.bandcamp.com